72 Months Credit Card Structuring Banks

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A new era was initiated in credit cards and the law on the restructuring of existing card debts was enacted. With this law, 11 million card borrowers can apply to the banks to request restructuring. So, what are the banks that have implemented the credit card configuration for 72 months? How can consumers exercise their configuration rights?

72 Months What is Credit Card Configuration?

72 Months What is Credit Card Configuration?

BRSA, which wants to prevent people with credit card debts from borrowing more, has made arrangements within the scope of the Debt Restructuring Draft for consumers. According to this regulation, those who want to get rid of credit card debt or debts were offered the opportunity to close their debts in the longer term.

The regulation, which is closely related to 11 million card debtors in our country, was published in the Official Gazette and put into force. Under the Debt Restructuring Draft, consumers will be able to pay their existing card debts by installments up to 72 months.

72 Months Credit Card Configuration


If you want to configure your credit cards, there are two channels you can use for this. The first one is to go to the bank branch where you use the credit card and ask for a pre-registration . The authorities will then forward your request for configuration for 72 months to the headquarters. After your application, we will inform you whether your request has been approved based on your recent payments.

The second banking channel that you can use for 72 months configuration is customer service. By calling the customer service of the bank to which your card belongs, you can request configuration for your debts. Although this method is easier for the consumer, it is important to note that most banks accept applications from the branch only. Also, according to the configuration law, not everyone can benefit from this opportunity.

The person who wants to make a credit card configuration for 72 months should not have pursued the card debt. Another criterion examined during the review is the customer’s credit rating. This means that if your registration note is bad after reviewing your recent payments, it will affect the approval process of your application.

The credit card interest rate to be applied within the scope of the restructuring is calculated by taking into consideration the current interest rates of consumer loans as required by the current competition conditions. Therefore, if you have the ability to pay your current debts for the remaining term, you may choose not to enter a new interest rate burden.

72 Month Credit Card Structuring Banks

72 Month Credit Card Structuring Banks

You can apply to your bank if you think your credit card debts are too high and you want to extend the term by taking advantage of the structuring opportunity and reduce the amount to be paid monthly. However, it is important to note that not every bank helps its customers.

Bank 72 Month Credit Card Configuration

Those who intend to settle the debt in the long term by installments can benefit from the opportunity to configure credit cards. The Bank offers maturity options up to 72 months for those who want to pay their debts regularly. The operation of the configuration process is as follows; You set the payment term for your current card debt.

Then the bank officials inform the interest rates to be applied. If you accept these rates, your credit card is being reviewed. If it is determined that your debt does not fall under legal follow-up, your credit card debt is paid in installments by accepting that you want the configuration.

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