Consolidation Loan – Lucie wanted to merge loans, but she was unlucky

At that moment Lucie had already 2 loans. And others were to follow quickly. The father of the children paid alimony just as he could. “I knocked my lap into my lap and took other loans to pay the previous ones. I paid 9,000 crowns a month, ”he says.

She was refused at the bank

Consolidation Loan

However, such an amount is unbearable for a single parent. Therefore, she decided to go to the bank and ask for consolidation. She hoped to pay only one creditor afterward and her repayments would be reduced.

But she wasn’t lucky. “Your bank won’t approve of consolidation because of banalities. All you have to do is to pay CZK 17 in minus or do not pay for your phone on time. In this case, getting consolidation is very problematic, ” says Lucie. That’s exactly what happened to her.

At the bank, Lucie was told to come again in 3 months. If everything goes well, he can ask for consolidation.


Another attempt to consolidate came only halfway

Consolidation Loan

But she couldn’t wait that long . “We lived downright from hand to mouth. In the shop, I bought 2 rolls and 10 blankets for the highlands for dinner. We couldn’t afford the ham, ” he recalls.

Then she reached the bottom. “We used to live well before. Fortunately, the children are understandable and understand that we have to get stunned. But it was really hard, because like every mom I want the best for my children, ” says Lucie.

When help from the bank did not come, she went to a non-banking company. “I negotiated a consolidation with them and signed a contract. I was supposed to send me CZK 100,000 to pay my debts and I was to pay them CZK 5,000 a month. But then they reassessed it, paid me only 46 000 CZK, but my installment was 5 000 CZK anyway. It was a terrible experience, ” says Lucie.


Money from a relative

Consolidation Loan

A person in a debt trap does not think too much about whether the loan is profitable or not. “He is glad he got it at all and does nothing else. They do not realize that in 5 months, they may have problems. He just hopes the situation will improve by then, ”he describes.

Since she only received half the promised loan, it was not enough to resolve the situation. She didn’t have enough money to pay off all her debts. Although she does not like to burden her family with her problems, she has no other choice.

She asked for a relative’s help, but neither did he have his own savings. So he offered to set up a credit card with Jean Valjean, to withdraw the money and make it available. So Lucie got another 40 000 CZK and it kept the family above the water.

But there were other problems on the horizon. The sequel to Lucius’ story can be found in the third installment of the series.

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