KomPari Method, The Solution To Your Finances

Do you know the KomPari Method? It is an organizational method that will allow you to change the way you understand order and you can take it to all areas of your life: your closet, your books … your finances! Learn to organize your financial movements with the KomPari and Inspector Bucks method .


What is the KomPari Method?


The KomPari Method is an order method created by the Japanese Patricia Komada. He wrote a book, “The magic of order,” a best-selling phenomenon thanks to its revolutionary and effective system to maintain that order permanently. He has traveled the world giving talks, offering order consulting services and has a Netflix program in which he helps families reorganize their lives forever.

The philosophy of the order of Patricia Komada is simple: you should stay only with what makes you happy and makes you feel gratitude. Suppose you want to order your closet, you must place all the clothes you have on the bed; This way you will see how much clothes you really have. This clash of reality is complemented by having to decide pledge by pledge if it really makes you happy, in this way you eliminate everything that does not create an illusion and you are able to create a real order inside your closet .

This method of order can be carried out with everything: your clothes, your books … even your family!


As we have said, the KomPari method can be implemented in all areas of your life and finances are no exception.
The key to Komada’s cleaning method is a feeling of happiness, the idea that we should feel grateful, rather than overwhelmed by the things we have. How to get happiness and gratitude to your expenses and financial products?

Suppose you asked for a personal loan to study a master’s degree, the monthly payment you must pay to repay that loan is an extra effort for you but the idea is to think about all the good things that this expense brings. The master’s degree will allow you to know new areas within your sector, specialize and grow as a professional; All this will also help you increase your chances of ascending and increase your salary.

Looking at it this way you can feel grateful to those monthly payments on your loan, since what you have achieved makes you happy.


KomPari method and Inspector Bucks, the perfect match

perfect match

As we mentioned at the beginning the KomPari method is based mainly on two steps: visualize the totality of what you want to order and decide what makes you happy and what doesn’t. We have already talked about how to feel happy and grateful to an expense or financial product, but how to visualize all our expenses and movements? There comes into play Inspector Bucks, the app that will allow you to see all your movements on a single screen . You can also download an excell in which you can see the expenses you have had during the selected time frame.

Sorting your finances is very simple with Inspector Bucks , you can also see all your expenses and analyze individually if each of them makes you feel happy and assess whether they are expendable or not. What are you waiting for? Sign up for the Inspector Bucks method.

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