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The problem does not have to be hundreds of thousands, you do not have to solve new housing. The missing amount can only be a few thousand and the time you need to bridge will take a few days to pay or other expected income. A few days may represent reduced living comfort, loss of reputation or other complications. After all, even a broken car needs to be repaired now, depending on daily commuting and logistics for the rest of the family.

Without large household appliances, the normal family cycle is difficult to solve, without a functional boiler it will be cold in the house, with late payment of services for telephone or energy, you will not like to risk service restrictions. Annoying little drama will be difficult to solve with colleagues at work or friends. Financial commitment can disrupt sensitive interpersonal relationships. Also, applying for a loan at the bank is not an optimal option. Long negotiations and the need to prove your income will result in the loss of time that you are not desperately getting right now.

The Good Finance has the task of representing inflexible banking systems and has created a solution that will give you the amount you need. It will help to repay the necessary obligations in time and to buy the necessary equipment or to pay for the services used. Important payments, however unsuitable for your budget, must be made without delay. The non-bank loan with the approval of online payment of the necessary items immediately takes over. Then you simply pay off the loan. It will not limit your operation or significantly complicate your budget.

Solution from unfavorable situation

Solution from unfavorable situation

Acting in the bank in this case is a waste of time. You play for time, you need enough cash immediately. Personal meetings, making long requests and getting the necessary documents, including proof of income will only delay you. Another disadvantage is the frequent entry or administration fees. Cool Credit represents a completely different approach. We respond flexibly to real needs. We do not need to fill the archive with thick files. We do not work with large sums or need to build representative settlements. We are here for ordinary people and their real problems. We offer a solution that effectively helps when it is most needed.

Good Finance builds its products on availability and speed and is perfectly equipped with modern technology. You do not have to deal with the application and the subsequent communication in person at the branch. Find information on applying for a loan and terms of cooperation, including an interactive calculator, in one place. Clear and understandable form will acquaint you with the course of the application and the claims for later repayment. Thanks to the calculator you can calmly and objectively consider how much you need. With a single click you get an overview of the amount and deadlines of subsequent installments, which are related to a specific amount. Unlike a bank, we do not charge fees, overwhelm you with professional deadlines, or put up a long-term contract.

No complications – now and here

No complications - now and here

The terms and conditions of the non-bank loan are always set in advance and remain unchanged for the duration of the cooperation. After the money transfer, we’ll create a private profile for you to check your account balance and the next installment date at any time. Applying for a loan is not a complex administrative matter. Just enter your regular data into the form, you won’t spend more than a few minutes. Internet access, your own bank account and your mobile phone are all you need to do. The SMS authorizes the start of the approval process. The automated system will go through your request. Again, in a matter of minutes, we are able to respond to your request and inform you of the outcome. This is positive in the vast majority of cases. We will immediately transfer the agreed loan to your account. You can watch the whole transaction cool from the living room or your office.

The Good Finance will give you a free hand in determining the amount of the loan, even during its execution. If your options change positively and you want to settle the amount owed earlier, there is nothing to stop you. We do not charge any early repayment penalties, no additional administration is required. Otherwise, we will retain a flexible approach. Of course, it may happen that one problem adds another, the expected reception will be delayed. Even in the event of default or temporary inability to repay, we will again try to accommodate you as much as possible. Notify us of an obstacle to keeping your payment schedule. Our common concern is to find a viable solution. We may delay the payment in question or propose a new schedule of installments.

Availability and speed

Availability and speed

We offer simple rules and exact numbers. We do not judge or evaluate you. We will help you pay for the necessary commitments with minimal impact on normal operation.

Of course, the loan must be preceded by a thorough balance. Committing a loan for luxury gifts or expensive holidays is not the right step. You will seriously jeopardize future functioning and get into a debt trap. The Good Finance offers affordable and quick loans for serious purposes.

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